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Thread: Gigant Addons Pack for VU+ Duo and Solo

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    Gigant Addons Pack for VU+ Duo and Solo

    Gigant Addons Pack for VU+ Duo and Solo ver. 0.9

    The best of BH, VTI, and Gemini


    * Skin:

    # DMConcinnity HD Mod

    * Plugins:

    # Black Hole BluePanel - addons, SoftCam manager
    # Gemini3 BluePanel - addons, SoftCam Manager (v0.22-r3)
    # Giant Panel - scripts, backup, k * y updater, etc.
    # VTI Panel - addons, SoftCam manager
    # Easy Media + Easy Info panels - Multimedia
    # DMNapi - gets from the net Polish subtitles in txt format, converts to the src and displays them in the movies
    Ultime notizie # - Polish party RSS reader + TV program
    # RSS Reader - RSS reader GP3
    # Dreamnetcast - GP3 Internet radio with recording to disk
    # Weather - Weather forecast GP3
    # WebCams GP3
    # Aspect Ratio Switch - switch the aspect ratio
    # CCcam Info + CCPrioMaker - CCcam manager
    # Multi Quickbutton GP3 - programming the remote control
    # PlanerFS - calendar with dates
    # Meoboot - to run other images in multiboot
    # Tunisia Addon Manager - alternate panel add-ons

    ... And other feeds available online from the BH, Nabilo, VTI and Gemini

    Functions of the buttons on the remote control (for the Black Hole):

    Blue - BluePanel BH
    Blue long - Extensions (Extensions)

    Yellow - RSS Reader
    Yellow long - Weather Forecast

    Green - feed list plugins + BH (Nabilo)
    Green long - list of plugins + feed VTI

    Red - Gemini GP3 BluePanel
    Red long - VTI Panel

    EPG - Current Event (Event view)
    EPG long - Cool TV Guide

    2 x EPG - Easy Info
    PVR - Easy Media GP3

    TEXT - videotext
    TEXT long - subkanały (subservices)

    Long RADIO - Dreamnetcast webradio
    STOP - switching formats, 4:3 / 16:9 (VCR Stop = TV)

    Description of the installation.

    1. Giant Addons Pack can be installed on both the receivers VU + Duo and Solo, for any image, based on list of Official-Image is at least version 5.6. Personally, I recommend image Blackhole ver. 1.4.5 and higher.

    2. After programming the Flash, when you first start the receiver, do not configure still an enigma, but connect to the ftp with the receiver and create a disk or flash drive backup directory, and paste the package enigma2settingsbackup.tar.gz

    3. After this operation, return to the Setup Assistant, and when asked "Do you want to restore your settings?" Select "Yes, reset now", then press 2 x OK.

    4. Installation will take about several dozen seconds, followed by a restart enigma - now run the setup to finish, but no longer restore the settings just select "No, just turn on the VU +

    5. After configuration, go to the GP3 BluePanel (red), Extras, Plugins, and select geminiplugin Gemini and other plug-ins that you want to install. Exit from the menu - do not restart the enigma.

    6. Start the giant Gemini Panel and select the patch - the files will be substitution and giganata enigma restart.

    7. After the restart enigma You can use the Giant. To enable all the features in the image, select the menu, settings, system configuration for expert configuration mode, and alternative radio mode to yes.

    Description Meoboot installation.

    1.Put pendrive to usb, turn on the Devices Manager (2 x blue) and mount the drive as / media / hdd and flash drive as a media / usb.

    2. After a reboot of the receiver, movements meoboot and install it in / media / usb.

    GAP in the official image and VTI.

    Installation is similar to a blackhole, with the exception that the first official of the feed you need to install the software plug-in manager and set it to expert mode, then in / etc/enigma2 delete all files and restart the enigma.

    Skin DMConcinnity-HD-Mod has several versions infobara. Default is set to blackhole. Using emu gemini need to change the file name skin.xml-gemini on skin.xml and officjalnym change skin.xml-official at skin.xml
    Version infobara for VTI will be released in the next version. Until then, use this product for official.
    To unlock the green and blue (normally reserved for the blackhole), you must edit / delete usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Bp/geminimain/keymap.xml marked in red characters:

    <! - Key id = "KEY_GREEN" mapto = "green" flags = "b" / ->
    <! - Key id = "KEY_BLUE" mapto = "blue" flags = "b" / ->

    To change the setup, use the Spinner Spinner. Collection of spinners can be downloaded below.

    WARNING! Giant Addons Pack is in beta and not everything can work properly.

    Known issues: incorrect restore the backup to Flash (receiver Solo).

    Gracias a Webkurier
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