Al Jazeera blames Libya for jamming
Published: 21.42 UTC, February 21, 2011 by Robert Briel

Al Jazeera has said its broadcasts are again suffering interference on its Arabsat satellite frequency. The network, on the basis of specialist investigations, has blamed Libya’s intelligence services for jamming its TV signals and blocking its websites.

The broadcaster said it has traced the source of the jamming to a Libyan intelligence technical administration building south of the capital, Tripoli. The jamming began last Friday.

During jamming, Al Jazeera English remains available on various other satellites including Eutelsat Hotbird, Badr4, Eurobird 2, Nilesat and Atlantic Bird 4A. Al Jazeera Arabic can be watched on Nilesat.

Local press reports from Lebanon indicate that some of the Lebanese channels including Lebanon’s National Broadcasting Network (NBN), Al-Jadeed and Hezbollah’s Al-Manar are also being affected by the jamming of Arabsat.