You picture Nemesis 4.4.6 and updates the image of magnificence Ausis 4.4

This version features the speed and stability, and beauty of this is very quick in Alchering

Without integration of any harm to the large Emo knife and so each and every one who wants to come down emo Haha


Hamad this new Lugo

Correct property web_x_tv

Integration of the French language, with English

Change the original knife with a knife Realmadrid amendment thereto, in terms of colors

And fonts

Merge Cccaminfo and Ecminfo

- Merge Blegn Nagrab in the picture

Merge teletex

All of this was incorporated into the image away from the space var

- Add Property PVR for online registration

- Change the look of the menus through the HELP button

Free space in Var 80%

This is raw (img) to be passed to the Dream through dreamup or flashwizard

Riyaliyn's gift to us so as not to Izaalo Haha

The image as I said without you Emo Emo Sarvq 2.2.1 self-installation

Just unzip and sent to the path tmp

Then set it manually and you Mbrowok



Emo from here

CCcam 2.2.1 for EDG Nemesis E1.rar