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Thread: RTi Core RC5 Enigma 2

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    RTi Core RC5 Enigma 2

    New ver. RC5
    Changes in kernel - necessarily to write kernel (check 'copy kernel' in azup),
    ofcourse it is necessary only one time [Imagen: smile.png]
    What is new :
    - NEW Kernel - allowed to use/install E2 on DOM and Official FW (dofferent kernel-old kernel) to USB stick
    - NEW structure/file format - now E2 files/kernel use .e2 extension
    NEW AZUp v.2.x.x - use only new .e2 extension
    - allow to prepare and install official FW on USB stick
    - allow to make Backup ch.list, settings and camd setings/scripts/cfgs from installed Enigma2 and Restore to new fresh E2 installation.
    -Added additional control before install : check cpu speed and if overclocked - reset to default value
    - Checking free ram (min) needed for some operation
    - Checking existing/correct mount for storage device - where you want to install E2.
    - Auto switch to rescue mode if AZBox is in E2 mode
    - Alsoo now you can see info about loaded E2 File
    pls read Readme file for more info about AZUp 2


    AZUp 2
    Files need for install Official FW on USB
    E2 RTi Core RC5

    Note: This version follows the route of the New Structure of Drivers, so it is recommended that only experienced people try and avoid the famous turn booting

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    Arrow Re: RTi Core RC5 Enigma 2

    NEW : A/V/Tuner drivers

    Fixed problem with HD channels on : 23.5 E, 0.8w, 30w, 13E
    better Deinterlace , now you can choice : off, 1,2 3
    Added Digital Audio settings
    Faster Zap, Sharper Picture
    Improved multimedia features / thanks go to sattommy
    Added excellent Media Center / also

    NOTE : Use only one (DVB-S) tuner while testing
    NOTE : This is for USB version of Enigma 2 !!!

    For now , only for Elite/Premium - only one DVB-S tuner
    soon test ver for Ultra and Premium+ , and with both tuners

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