Backup Gemini4.70 Skin Blueline3 and Web-X-TV Fixed

Solid and the new amendment on the image of a knife Gemini4.70 blueline3

Which authorizes you to watch the channels via webinterface and through VLC as you can seen via the browser Web-X-TV

After the amendment to the picture as you can install the latest version of VLC on the computer

And adjust its settings without surprise.'s been prepared and the integration of the Imo CCcam2.2.1

Amendment was for one of the giants of Braaaa and third-generation services in the Arab World

In view of the beauty and magnificence of the image I thought I put it in the forum to take advantage of them members of the customers and thank you
The picture is for Pakab for 4 satellites

Image Properties
-Zapstream VLC and Web-X-tv Fixed
- Copy the original boot
- Arabic language along with English
- The rest of the languages you demotion of the server's
-Screenshot Fixed
-2.2.1 And CCcaminfo V1.1
- Knife Blueline3
- Blegn Minicat Key updater to update the blades away from the area Var
- Blegn Nagrab away from the area Var
- Add Property DVR for online registration
- You can change the form of lists of channels, such as a Humax clicking on the OK button and then help
- Enlarge the size of lines of the main menus with upsized lines channels

File Name: backup_Gemini4.70_Skin_Blluelin..rar

File Size: 6.8 MB