IPTV takes off in Serbia
Published: 10.56 UTC, March 1, 2011 by Chris Dziadul

BELGRADE BUSINESS BREAKFAST: The IPTV service Open TV launched by Telekom Srbija in late 2008 has been a success story and currently claims over 95,000 subscribers, according to Jelena Stojanovic, the telco’s director of marketing and sales.

She added that its target is “a reachable goal, based on our experience (in Serbia) and in neighbouring countries”, of 500,000 subscribers by the end of 2015.

Open TV turned the corner by securing the right to distribute the Arena Sport portfolio of channels, which enjoy high viewing figures in both Serbia and other parts of the former Yugoslavia.

The platform introduced HD channels last November, while its VOD service is used by 60% of its subscribers on a daily basis.

Telekom Srbija, which is soon likely to be privatised (though majority state owned, it also list Greece’s OTE as a backer) has also operated an IPTV service in Bosnia & Herzegovina since May 2010.

Although currently confined to the Republika Srpska, Stojanovic said there is the potential to expand to other parts of the country.