Penthouse launches first 3D adult channel
Published: 20.13 UTC, February 28, 2011 by Robert Briel

SES Astra has announced that Penthouse 3D will start broadcasting via Astra at 23.5 degrees East on March 1, 2011.

The new channel will broadcast daily from 11 PM until 5 AM CET for delivering its encrypted signal to TV platform operators around Europe. Penthouse 3D is the first worldwide 3D adult channel, broadcasting 100% native 3D content. With the start of Penthouse 3D, the number of commercial 3D channels distributed via Astra totals to six.

Other bouquet operators broadcasting in 3D via Astra include BSkyB in the UK, Canal+ in France, Sky in Germany, Viasat 3D in Scandinavia and the Dutch TV channel Brava 3D broadcasting to a pan-European audience. In addition, SES Astra has launched a 3D demo channel featuring high quality 3D for the retail market.

Ferdinand Kayser, president and CEO of SES Astra, said in a statement: ”The start of Penthouse 3D represents another milestone in the development of Astra as key player in the 3D television market. Furthermore, it confirms ASTRA 23.5 East as Europe’s fastest growing hot spot for both Direct-To-Home and Direct-to-Cable distribution.”

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with SES Astra for the launch of the first Adult 3D Channel in the world” said Marc Bell, CEO of Penthouse. “Working with SES Astra represents a spectacular opportunity to work with a leader in 3D technology delivery. We started shooting in 3D this past summer, and have significantly invested to perfect 3D production quality. Consumer excitement for 3D content is high, and Penthouse is the one studio that can rely on its broad expertise to deliver 3D in a manner unmatched by any other branded entertainment company.”

Jacky Wauters, head of NOA Productions, Penthouse channels’ European distribution partner added, “Thanks to the increasing consumer acceptance of 3D, I am delighted to work with Penthouse to be able to satisfy the needs of the consumers and broadcasters alike who demand high quality, cutting edge entertainment backed by a solid and well established brand like Penthouse.”

Penthouse 3D is availble on Astra at 23.5 degrees East at 1778.00MHz/V.