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Thread: exchange c-line

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    exchange c-line

    Hi, Iíd like to exchange my c-line (hop1 15; hop2 260). Itís online 24/7. Iím looking for active c-lines with good ping. Send your c-line on PM and Iíll send mine in 24 hours.


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    Re: exchange c-line

    I'm sorry that my inbox folder was full and I haven't received some of the messages. You can send me messages again now :)

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    Re: exchange c-line

    I'm searching constant piars with ping between 100.m/s

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    Re: exchange c-line

    hop1-50, hop2-450

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    Re: exchange c-line

    your inbox is full trying to send you a message ;) cheers

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    Re: exchange c-line

    Local card: HTB+ HD (36E)(VIA 2.6)
    HOP1 - 110 cards
    HOP2 - 580 cards

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    Re: exchange c-line

    Very bad peer. Liar make free exchanges from his paid server, and resell it. For evidence we have peer that are buy c-line from him, with server and port that djzmei use for free exchanges.

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    Re: exchange c-line

    well.... this is something worth banning I think

    thanks for reporting bad peer

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