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Thread: ENIGMA2 for Edision Pingulux

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    ENIGMA2 for Edision Pingulux

    ARGUS-pingulux Sw & Firmware
    Enigma2 for edision pingulux
    Enigma2 by NF-EOS-DEV-TEAM forargus PinguLux!!!

    What's special:

    * HD-Skins
    * Spark reboot (so that you can directly from the E2 re-boot the original firmware!)
    * Format E (so you can delete it completely from the E2 your pingulux. Very good for the service case!)
    * Backup (to create a complete. backup of your images)
    * Time in Standby
    * Teletext
    * WebInterface
    * PowerOff Menu
    * Emupack
    * Full remote control adjustment
    * ... and more!

    Unfortunately, not everything was ready!
    We did not want to let you wait any longer.
    Therefore does not have the following:

    * Internal Card Reader
    * CIFS
    * PiP
    * SkyHD programs stutter a little
    * From the Emupack works currently only OSCam (client) and MCAs (EMU)

    A special thanks goes from us to the donors of our test boxes and to spark the fans in the net!
    Respect to the NF-EOS team looks good for first release

    Download ProtoLux_v1.rar

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    Re: ENIGMA2 for Edision Pingulux

    I am Looking for Enigma Image for Edision Pingulux Plus...
    Could you please help me ?

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