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Thread: ZebraDem-Feedbox for Vuplus

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    ZebraDem-Feedbox for Vuplus

    ZebraDem-Feedbox for Vuplus

    Available Future
    - Skin
    - Boot Logo
    - Spinner
    - Plugin

    Available functions:
    - under "?" FAQ at Skincrash with Green Screen
    - *. ipk copy from the PC to the box and install
    - pictures / info download the skins / plugin / Spinner / boot logo of feed in the tool server and show
    - *. ipk copy from the server to feed the box and install
    - uninstall Skin & Plugins
    - look for converging packages (via a search term), can uninstall list &

    ZebraDem and a spinner as well as boat logo are also available

    Coll are only a few feed entries, will change but more on that here _

    Talk about problems, bugs, or requests for changes, then it goes here weiter_

    A big thank you for the test goes to:

    gladiator-01, Einstein67, malau

    gracias a tuete2501
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