can offer Russian RTV International from Hotbird satellite...

server is located in Georgia. The ping with east-Europe 30-60ms, west-Europe 40-120ms

Looking for:

7W - Pehla with cricket channels (CricOne)
95E - DishTV (Sport channels)
10E - BFBS (even Hop 4, but freeze free)
7E - freeze free Digitürk (I prefer Crypto)
13E - ZEE TV with Zee Russia
1W - Focussat
16E - freeze free Total TV
13E - N ploand
9E - TIN, WALF, SUN, FOX SPORTS (or other rare card (but not TVBS))
4W - YES, BOOM or other card for Amos
28E - SKY Channel "At The Races"

please no porn...
no exchange without valid email or msn
no N-line excange