TTNET launches international VOD
Published: 11.12 UTC, March 7, 2011 by Julian Clover
Turkish operator TTNET has launched VOD services from On Demand Group on its recently launched IPTV service Tivibu Ev. It follows the broadband TV service launched on the web a year ago, which is being followed up with the launch of a mobile TV service, known as Tivibu Cep, in the second quarter of the year.
On Demand Group is suppling international content in the form of blockbuster and classic movies, TV series, children’s programming and music videos.
Under the strapline “TTNET, Making it Possible”, the operator is pursuing a multiscreen strategy. “Our new era TV platform Tivibu will change the TV-watching habits,” explained TTNET CEO Tahsin Y?lmaz. “Our service, initially called Tivibu and launched in February 2010, became a big success with almost one-million subscribers in one year. The name is now changed to Tivibu Web. Our IPTV service for TV screens in the home environment, which we initiated a short while ago as a pilot project in three provinces, will from now on be called Tivibu Ev. For our Tivibu version for mobile phones and tablet computers that will become operational soon we chose the name Tivibu Cep. We expect Tivibu Cep to be met with great interest by our subscribers just like Tivibu Web. Tivibu Cep is planned to be on offer in the second quarter of this year. The Tivibu journey will continue full speed ahead.”
TTNET serves over 6 million customers across Turkey.