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Thread: Need explanation or advice!!!

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    Need explanation or advice!!!

    Need explanation or advice!!!
    I have BigSat 5500 Deluxe digital satellite receiver and Matrix cam Reborn. Around 10 days a go I have lost Taquilla, Canal+ … Knowing that till now there is no new firmware and just to check, I went back to local satellite dealer and he offered to me new special receiver or device (he said that was specially modified) for € 300. He showed it to me that all canals are unlocked. Only what I have to have is broadband router (adsl network router) and internet. Can anybody explain it to me how this work and how can use my existing BigSat/Matrix cam, network router, internet and TV and do it myself?. He already emptied my budget with previous advice… Pleas help me…

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    Re: Need explanation or advice!!!

    What he showed you is normal CardSharing based on firmware to box he has...having internet and broadband is not big deal to make things work on your own...main problem is that not all "normal" receivers have possibility to work like this...
    In most cases you need PC running on all the time and connected to normal sat receiver...
    Dreambox is the best example for more about CardSharing...
    then you also must have somebody to share card with or "to buy" from wanted service...probably that´s what your dealer offered you and was included in that price...question if it is one-time payment or you have to pay him certain amount of money every month/year...
    Look around on the net if you box model is possible to run with CS.

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