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Thread: Persian HD Project For VuPlus Duo HD By Persian Prince (OE 1.6)

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    Persian HD Project For VuPlus Duo HD By Persian Prince (OE 1.6)

    There Is No Way For Upgrade From Previous Versions !

    So Many Changes , Just Try It

    It's Just For VuPlus Duo HD , Do Not Install It On Any Other Boxes

    What Is Unleash Official ?

    It's A Converter

    It Will Convert Your Official Image To Persian HD Project Image

    So You Can Use PPanel With Compatible Emulators Like CCcam

    What Should You Do ?

    1- You Need To Have A VuPlus Duo Image In Your Box (Inside) Flash

    You Can Install Black Hole , Then You Need A Plugin For MultiBoot

    You Can Use MeoBoot , It's Compatible With Black Hole

    And ... You Need To MultiBoot Your VuPlus Duo HD With

    Latest DreamBox 8000 HD Official Image

    09-03-2011 Tested

    DM8000HD :"][/URL]

    2- Install Unleash Official Plugin , Do Restart GUI

    You Can Install It Via Menu->Setup->Software management->Install local extension

    3- Go To Menu->Plugins Then Select Unleash Official

    4- You Should Wait For A While , It Depends On You Internet Speed (8 Stages)

    5- At Last You Will See A New Look , Restart

    6- Enjoy

    Hold Yellow Button For PPanel

    Good Luck

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