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Thread: is silver card now dead again

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    is silver card now dead again

    had dusted my silver card off for a while last year but looks to be dead again unless somone can point me to a working file

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    Re: is silver card now dead again


    emulation on card are dead

    only old provider are open

    atm only orf cryptowork ok seca 1 rai mediaset ok but gold fun titanium1 or rsa card 64c

    look here on section other card

    atm all work with cs or dongle or twin tunner

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    Re: is silver card now dead again

    it is not dead keep those card , but the system are closed and they are no new decrption ....

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    Re: is silver card now dead again

    silver card open channels of tntsat ,with xsat410 tntv7 firm

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