yesss, da ist wieder was zum testen:

bin sehr gespannt, hier die Release Notes:

v 0.0.5
- fixed boot image on TV-screen specific for QBOXHD and QBOXHD MINI
- fixed PCM audio over HDMI
- fixed PCM audio over Scart
- fixed few memory leak bugs to prevent crashes
- fixed few smartcard readers driver bugs
- added Polish DVB-T frequencies
- added Copenhagen DVB-T frequencies
- added 205500000Hz frequency for Italy
- fixed green aspect ratio selection button
- fixed yellow extended audio selection button
- fixed default values for LCD brightness (same as original Duolabs firmware)
- fixed default values for frontpanel button leds (same as original Duolabs firmware)
- fixed symlink with /var/etc on /etc directory
- fixed HDMI connection recognization (if no HDMI connected and TV isn't on, then resolution will be set for Scart-PAL, otherwise will be set for 720p)
In this way Wizard should be always available for Scart user and HDMI user with TVs that doesn't support every resolution availables
- fixed starting color for frontpanel's leds
- fixed teletext
- added/fixed delayer functionalities (press key OPTION to enable/disable it)
- fixed few bugs on MediaPlayer
- fixed deepstandby
- fixed Enigma2 GUI reboot
- fixed total reboot

WARNING: I know actually there is a bug on LCD image conversion during enigma2 execution, I will fix it as soon as possible,
but supposing this is a beta version I thought it could be like this for a while to prevent few memory crashes.
Does exist also another little bug: delayer function works correctly but the icon in the skin bandeau does not change.

I'm sorry for these little bugs, but i "promised" a new version for the weekend so i decided to publish this beta (eih, it's a beta you know)
to test it and let's start another buglist to fix.