Published: 10.58 UTC, March 14, 2011

There were strong performances for Eurosport, Arte, Euronews, CNN International and Sky News in the EMS Winter Survey. EMS is designed to measure the habits of Europeís most affluent consumers and top business decision makers. It is also the only pan-European guide to awareness and audiences of the continentís major TV brands.

Eurosport retained its commanding lead with a weekly reach of 45.2% and a daily reach of 28.4%. MTV was able to make a song and dance about its 25.9% weekly reach, while Arte performed well with a 22.6% weekly and 6.1% daily reach.

Among the news channels Euronews ranked first in weekly reach with 15.4%, followed by CNN (14.9%) and Sky News (14.6%). The Lyon-based channel came second in terms of daily and monthly reach.

Despite a focus often in the UK, Sky News claimed top spot for daily reach with 4.6%, CNN was third with 3.1%.

Awareness remains high for MTV with 92.6% claiming to have heard of the channel, compared to 86.3% for BBC World News and 84.8% for National Geographic Channel.

Among the relatively new brands there was a 16.7% awareness of Russia Today and 52.3% for Al Jazeera in English, the survey completed before recent news events in the Middle East.

In monthly cross media data, combining TV and online, CNN was ahead with 41.1% of the EMS universe ahead of BBC World News plus BBC websites (40.0%), Euronews (30.6%) and Sky News (28.3%).