Software Update Wizard - Agreement

Do not perform updates using any data other than the official update data from our website.
Using Software Updates You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of this Software is at
your own risk.
In no event shall Coolstream LTD be liable for any damages whatsever.
Contact for any questions about our Software.

This File will renew the Software and you will lose the old Settings,
to keep old Setting please use Partial Updates in the Software List
if available(simple_update.txt Section).You must have version 1.90 or
higher already installed.
This release will upgrade your Kernel on first boot if not already done!!!
Please dont power off your receiver bevore Upgrade is done!

* Update to new Drivers and Kernel
Please wait after Update on first boot for updateing Kernel Image!
Bitte warten nachdem Update, beim ersten Booten wird Kernel Image
* Enable TS MovieBrowser to play foreign TS Files (dbox2)
* Update to new SATA driver wich might fix Toshiba Hard Drives (testing)

Download FLASH