MyTF1 makes it to Freebox TV
Published: 10.51 UTC, March 18, 2011 by Julian Clover

VOD service my TF1 has finally put in an appearance on the Freebox IPTV platform. The leading French commercial broadcaster is providing over 70 hours of free catch-up TV programme each week, as well as premieres of the channel’s leading series, movies, and access to the latest news and weather.

“We are happy to welcome MyTF1 on Freebox replay, our catch-up TV offer. MyTF1 is joining the number-one catch-up TV platform in France, with more than 30 channels, and Free users can now access leading TF1 content and corresponding services,” said Maxime Lombardini, CEO of Free’s parent Iliad.

The agreement means that 6.5 million French households now have access to MyTF1, including the dominant IPTV provider Orange.