Published: 08.03 UTC, March 21, 2011

Samsung Eelectronics has launched a dedicated 3D VOD streaming service in Korea in order to give 3D a boost. The consumer electronics manufacturer has also announced the service will be launched in the US and Europe later this year.

The new VOD service will stream 3D programming directly to the viewer’s TV set using a broadband connection. The initial offer includes movie trailers, animation titles, concerts and children’s programming. According to the company’s press release, all content – at least in Korea – is available free of charge. Consumers only need to download the special Samsung TV AppStore Explore 3D app in order to be able to watch the programmes.

The total number of items available will grow to about 50 titles during the year. With the new service, Samsung hopes to make access to 3D programming easier, alongside the availability of 3D Blu-ray titles and 3D broadcast channels.

Samsung has not yet published details of the forthcoming US and European launch dates.