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Thread: Gemini 420 i Emo CromboCam3.00

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    Gemini 420 i Emo CromboCam3.00

    Gemini 420 i Emo CromboCam3.00
    The changes, which carried out the following:
    * Start a forum Lugo and the impact is constant and does not change.
    * change the original knife Peixn Validator new converter with Alanjima Alanejma 2 to 1.
    * Hisham Arabization is the letter fonts and modified slightly in the knife.
    * Change the drive is very fast and the last in the splendor of the Megaupload and experience the best evidence.
    * fixes to the keys file, and it has become easier to manage the channel and show the PVR service.
    * Amendments to choose from Arabic channels, movies dubbed and translated.
    * Tuning Monte easy enough to put your Ebi and file name to participate and make a sword and Monte efffective and registration immediately.
    * change the path to the file, search, and radio and MP3 and local time, and SATELLITE file. As usual in my edits so you can change what you want, depending on the desire and you will find everything in the path var / bin / Raed.
    * Merge Emo CromboCam3.00 support opaque and Magic special Newcamd Server Bkrzyze Sat
    * Merge config files Alkonfij emo.
    * Merge new Active Code Albalijn special Bserfrat Crazy So to activate your subscription.
    * Merge Ngrab Pelagian.
    * b of the Teletext works great.
    * There is no deletion in the region Skrebat remove the following:
    - Emo CromboCam3.00.
    - m roll Config emo.
    - Pelagian activate your subscription.
    - Arabic language.
    - Pelagian teletext.

    All additions were very far from even a large var inner surface of the Memory Stick and quickly add other choice and space is more than 80%

    Since then, explain the Pelagian Active Code brother Tamer Proxy
    Active Code Albalijn explain the new code Active

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