Tests catch-up TV Cyfrowy Polsat in IPLA

2011-03-21 1:01:19 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-21 1:10:34 p.m.
Source: tvpolsat.info

Testing a new service catch-up TV has provided an interactive platformIPLA , owned by Redefine. Subscribers Cyfrowy Polsat will have the opportunity to use the new service in the first quarter of 2011 . This is the kind of Internet TV, in which programs are available online within a few days of release. The test range is available including Materials MTV, Nickelodeon, FOX, FOX Life, National Geographic Channel and AXN .

To view a particular material, you will need to log in to your account iCOK (form will appear in the application). We do not have access to the test programs.

Channel list, whose contents are already present in the test offer catch-up TV:

MTV Poland
Polsat JimJam (other than offer cartoons iplaMINI)
National Geographic Channel
Nat Geo Wild
FOX Life
Zone Reality
4fun.tv (channel proposals are written to the standard offer IPLA)
Cartoon Network (ibid.)
WeddingTV (ibid.)