Summary of the era of Adam on TV

2011-03-18 3:28:09 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-18 3:40:40 p.m.
Source: TNS OBOP

This weekend in the Slovenian Planica Adam will give his last jump in the athletic career. So far, Polish Television earned through Małyszowi zł 272 million , a record breaking jumps broadcast audience. Record-breaking contest with the participation of our great jumper at the Olympics in Salt Lake City attracted up to 13.8 million Poles, and was the highest-rated program in the history of the telemetric measurement of TNS OBOP .

The average audience broadcast of ski jumping in the years 1999 - 2011 amounted to 4.7 million viewers in the television market share of 46 percent. Most viewers followed the struggles of athletes during the greatest successes of Adam. In the seasons 2001/2002 and 2002/2003, in which Malysz won his second and third consecutive World Cup broadcasts from jumping attracted an average of 6.7 million (58 per cent stake.), and 6.6 million viewers (61 percent shares ..) The third-largest average audience gathered 2004/2005 season, in which Malysz won fourth place overall in the World Cup.

Of all the ski jumping transmission largest average audience - 13.8 million - was contest the final series of jumps during the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City (TVP1, 13.2.2002), during which Adam Malysz won a bronze medal in the K-90 hill. More than three-quarters of Poles (77 percent). Who were at that time included television, decided to cheer on our best jumper in history. It was also the most watched program broadcast by a station from the beginning of the metering telemetry by TNS OBOP.

Broadcasts ski jumping implemented primarily TVP1 . Proceeds ad (list price without taking into account discounts) public service television ad sales (advertising and sponsorship boards) were in the years 1999 -2011 a total of nearly 272 million zł . Most Małyszowi TVP earned through the 2004/2005 season - as many as 37.9 million zł. In the current season revenue is 35 million zł and this is according to official figures pricelist second result in history.

Most advertising on the occasion of the transmission jumps released telecommunications industry (47.1 million zł) and the sectors' food '(43.7 mln zł) and' beverages and alcohol "(25.5 mln zł).

- The brand, which undoubtedly represents Adam, ski jumping in Poland reached an astounding success, which is well illustrated by the high values ​​of television viewing.Extremely rare television programs reach the magic number of 10 million viewers, and thanks Małyszowi managed to cross this barrier many times - says Krzysztof Guzowski, Customer Service Specialist Telemetric TNS OBOP.