Ginx TV cable network in the Serbian SBB

2011-03-21 3:00:27 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-21 3:46:20 p.m.
Source: c21media

Channel of video games Ginx TV , run by Michiel Bakker, the former head of MTV, 18 April 2011 will begin broadcasting in Europe. Clock channel, which is targeted to both amateurs and hardcore gamers, and gives in Turkey and Indonesia, by contract with Dori Media joins bid Serbian cable operator Serbia Broadband (SBB) . Chairman of the Board Ginx TV, Michiel Bakker, said: " Providing a channel for games Ginx TV subscribers SBB both satellite and cable in the Adriatic region is a very exciting step in our global development.

The program will be available with subtitles Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian .Unfortunately, Ginx TV is not planning to enter the UK market in March., although the UK remains a key market for the channel.

In August 2010 Ginx TV has planned to spend 750,000 to launch the channel in the UK.Been undertaken discussions with BSkyB and Virgin Media , though so far remained fruitless.

- Unfortunately we are unable to run our channel in the UK this month, but we are working on our programs and looking for the best home for the channel in the UK - the company said in a statement.