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MiriMON measures IPTV service for Telefonia Bonairiano

London, UK, 22 March 2011 – Telefonia Bonairiano (“Telbo”) has selected the MiriMON solution from Mirifice to monitor its “mitv” IPTV service, delivered over ADSL2+, in the Dutch Caribbean.

The “mitv” Digital TV service offering has around 110 live quality channels and also
includes 50 Audio Channels, Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand. MiriMON will give Telbo visibility of service delivery into every customer home.

Andrew Barker, CEO of Mirifice explains: “Telbo can now measure how their service is performing end-to-end and identify where any issues occur. MiriMON also offers real-time alerts to problems with the service, the network, and the set top box, ensuring that Telbo can proactively respond to and fix issues - often before they receive a customer call.”

Where Telbo’s customers have multiple STBs in the home, MiriMON includes the ability to correlate network and service performance across all the STBs in the premises providing Telbo with greater clarity on the root cause of problems encountered. Customer Service representatives are able to see the status of the each device on a simple, graphical, display of the customer’s home.

MiriMON will also provide Telbo with accurate channel and VOD viewing metrics, revealing customers preferences and informing Telbo when selecting content and negotiating content pricing.