SES-6 launching has been confirmed to take place in 2013

International Launch Services (ILS) and SES confirmed their satellite SES-6 launching for 2013. To such ends, according to a press release, a Proton rocket will be utilized. Therefore, NSS-806 located in orbit position 319.5º East will be replaced, thus offering greater coverage in Latin America.

319.5º East position is where one of the main Latin American cable communities is located. According to Astrium, the company in charge of building SES-6, the aforementionmed position supports video distribution, while rendering services to 18 million households. The satellite will rely on 43 Band C transponders and 48 band Ku ones.

The company Telepuerto Internacional Buenos Aires (TIBA) has recently closed an agreement aimed at widening the utilization of five transponders in satellite SES-6, all along its useful life (15 years). TIBA owns high technology teleports. Some of its clients are Disney Channel, Fox Latin American Channels, Turner Broadcasting System and the Argentine free-to-air TV channel Telefe (Telefónica), among others.