No merger between laSexta and Antena 3

Iñaki Ferreras | 22-03-2011

The long drawn out saga of possible merger between Grupo Planeta's Antena 3 and Mediapro's laSexta seems to have petered out finally.

Grupo Planeta's president José Manuel Lara has declared the merger as "dead" and at the same time has bet on the company achieving growth plans on its own. He gave assurances that there will not be any more conversations with laSexta.

Both companies begun negotiations at the same time as Mediaset's Telecinco and Prisa TV's Cuatro who finally merged at the end of 2010. "The Telecinco-Cuatro's merger was better for them than for us but the merger with laSexta will not be possible," Lara stated. One of the main reasons Lara gave to justify his stance was that it is very difficult managing to be on the same DTT mux as laSexta when other broadcasters have already rented the same one.

In the same sense José Miguel Contreras, laSexta's CEO declared the differences between laSexta and Antena 3 are "insoluble" in the short term adding that the main reason for this decision is that both companies had a different idea of the business model for any merged company.