Published: 09.15 UTC, March 23, 2011

Kabel Deutschland today lifts the curtain on its much-anticipated video on demand service. One of the last major operators to launch such a service, KDG is making up for lost time with 2,500 hours of programming, an extensive HD offering and 3D content. Much of the library will be available free of charge to KDG customers.

The operator is also drawing attention to the fact that the video content is streamed over its cable network, rather than IP, reflecting a new front that is opening up against providers of over-the-top services. However, an IP link is still required for viewing the catalogue and for this internet speeds of 6 Mbps are reccomended. The service is also only available to those with an HD PVR.

2.3 million customers in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg will be the first to receive the service branded Select Video. It will be extended to the majority of the KDG network over the next two years.

“With Select Video, we are offering our customers a wide range of movies and series that may be accessed at any time. The introduction of our new interactive living room video store once again attests to the TV cable network’s tremendous technical performance capability and innovative power,” said Adrian von Hammerstein, CEO of Kabel Deutschland.

60% of feature films shown on the service will be available in the HD format. Pay-per-view Hollywood blockbusters and recent releases in the video-on-demand offering are provided by ten major studios, including Constantin Film, Disney, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. Fees range from €0.99 through to €4 or €5 for the most recent available releases.

Films are then available for a 48 hour period during which customers can view the title a many times as they like.