Published: 06.42 UTC, March 23, 2011

The Russian cable operator Akado ended 2010 as the leading provider of digital TV services in the lucrative Moscow market.

Preliminary results published by the company show that its had 511,700 pay-TV subscribers at year’s end, or 10.5% more than 12 months earlier.

At the same time, its broadband subscriber total grew by 8.15% during the year to 618,900, making it the second largest supplier of broadband internet in Moscow.

The total number of customers receiving Adako’s services stood at over 2.7 million.

Akado’s revenues in 2010 amounted to R10.560 billion (€262.7 million), or 19% more than a year earlier, while its EBITDA rose by 64% to R3.560 billion.

Significantly, while Akado’s ARPU for broadband services remained stagnant, that for digital TV services grew.