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2011-03-23 ​​3:36:12 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-23 ​​4:14:16 p.m.
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Company Multimedia Poland , as the first cable operator in the country, has launched a website with video on demand (VOD) channels. it again, after the amazing interactive television, the project company, which will contribute to revenue growth, both from the present subscribers, and customers do not yet have access to operator services.

- Our offer through the systematic development has become a complex and competitive. Today, our customer gets everything at the moment is available on the Polish market for home entertainment and communication. is part of our strategy, which is already in the short term should provide an additional source of revenue and increase customer loyalty and, in the longer term, with the increasing importance of Internet television, can become a very important element of our business - says Andrzej Rogowski, President Multimedia Poland. - Running use economies of scale and our experience in introducing VOD services to customers of digital television. With Internet services through our network already has close to 400 thousand. dormitories. For us they are the first potential users

Introduction offer is part of a strategy to provide customers a full range of fixed and mobile telecommunications services. By focusing so far on infrastructure services (ie analog and digital television, internet and telephony), Multimedia Poland began to introduce products based on the content available both for customers who use our infrastructure as well as customers of other networks. After starting the digital television, the first Polish interactive program amazing, it's time for Internet service Service will allow the use of of over 1000 films directory containing the mega movies from Hollywood, and fringe films and cinema for children. Directory is divided into four main categories: VOD Premiere, Featured, Popular, Top 10 . will also provide access to selected TV channels via the Internet to subscribers of digital TV Multimedia Poland (Basic Package). Bids will be systematically expanded channels and there are plans to introduce such packages of services and programs Premium.

Portal lets you use both VoD and LiveTV in any combination: single films and channels, video packages (including SVOD) channel packages.

Use be easy. Very convenient solution prepared for subscribers Multimedia Poland - information about the costs of use will be placed on the same invoice, which they receive for the use of other services, Multimedia Poland. You can also pay by sms / transfers or credit card . Prices rent films are different depending on the method of payment and borrowed the attractiveness of the film. Releases can be viewed as zł 9.99 and older movies from 4 zł . Movies "tab offers free demo of the company.

In the future, an additional source of revenue for the company will also be advertising revenue.

- The advantage of our service on similar portals will certainly be the richest catalog of films in Poland, which will soon be counted more than 1,000 titles. Another important element is our experience gained in implementation of VoD on digital cable. VoD has taught us a lot, helped to build skills and relationships with suppliers of films. Without these experiences, we build online video service from scratch, it would be far more expensive and harder - Kasiński says Bartholomew, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development of Multimedia Poland.

According to research firm Gemius, about 95% of respondents said they had used video-ever. More than half had been in contact with cable Internet. Approximately 81% of respondents say they are willing in the future, greater use of VOD.

- The popularity of interactive television is growing. More and more users are using online video services, and more and more of such persons declares its willingness to make greater use of Internet VoD. Our product is a response to market expectations, prepared in an easy to use manner and using the latest technology - summarizes Jerzy Zielinski, project manager