Poland Spring MTV News
2011-03-23 ​​3:33:54 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-23 ​​4:08:59 p.m.
Source: MTV Poland
The MTV Poland on Sunday, March 27, in the chair. 20:00 blockbuster series will debut the third team from New Jersey about the adventures of your favorite team MTV viewers. Snookie, Mike "The Situation", Pauly D and Vinny after stormy vacation in Miami, returned to the Jersey Shore to re-surrender to imprezowemu spree. The station will also show a new documentary series Busters overweight , in which young people begin to fight with his biggest weakness - food. Paris Hilton will choose a new friend, this time in Dubai ( Paris Hilton - kumpela to death in Dubai ).

April 7 on MTV will be the second series of the Polish production of My own star , where participants will choose a date from the people who most resemble their idols - Shakira, Dode, or Frost. The most important release in May will be a controversial series Buddies (amer. "Skins") with the participation of amateur actors, who in a realistic manner shows the world of teenagers. Viewers will watch the second installment of a sports comedy series Blue Mountain State . Fans series "with horror" will enjoy the new season of comedy series Reaper . Well known and appreciated by viewers MTV series Teenage mothers will return with further segments.

MTV Poland Spring news:

"OVERWEIGHT slayer" - Release Date: March 27 g. 17:30
"The team from New Jersey 3" - Release Date: March 27 g. 20:00
"Nightmare MiniOne Dating 3" - March 28, 13:00 h.
"MY OWN STAR 2" - April 7, 18:00 h.
"WHAT IS THE DAD 5" - April 4, 19:30 h.
"PARIS HILTON: Friend to Death in Dubai" - April 23, 20:00 h.
"Reaper 2" - May 1, 21:00 h.
"Buddy" (originally SKINS) - May 15, 22:00 h.
"Teenage mothers 2" - May 15, 16:00 h.
"When I was 17 2 '- May 20, 15:00 h.
BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE 2 - May 29, 23:00 h.