East China province cracks down on illegal TV stations
March 22nd, 2011 - 10:43 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

The radio and television authority of east China’s Anhui Province pledged yesterday to continue to strike hard on illegal TV stations in the province. The commitment was made after an online posting that revealed illegally established TV stations existed in the province.

Yang Jian, the deputy head of the social management office of Anhui Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television acknowledged that there are illegal television stations in Anhui but stressed the post exaggerated the number. About 600 illegal TV stations are airing violent programs and pornography while profiting from advertisements in northern Anhui, according to an online posting on bbc.hefei.cc.

Mr Yang said curbing illegal TV station has been a key focus of the bureau’s work. “We will spare no efforts to investigate and shut down illegal TV stations,” he added.

The government has closed 285 illegal TV stations since 2006. But it is difficult to track the transmitters, which are hidden in the homes of farmers and can be easily moved to other hideouts during investigations. Some TV stations are quickly set up again after a crackdown, Mr Yang said. “The government is working on a more effective way and will continue to conduct undercover investigations,” he added.

According to Chinese law, only governments at the county level or higher can set up radio and TV stations.