3D market blooms with 95 million devices by end of 2011

Joseph O'Halloran | 23-03-2011

The sense that the 3D market is getting fresh impetus has arrived in the form of a new survey that predicts that more than a third of homes will buy 3DTV in the next three years.

The new Strategy Analytics report, ‘Global 3D-Enabled Device Sales Forecast’, predicts that ownership of 3DTVs will accelerate rapidly over the next three years, with 34% of US homes owning a 3D-ready TV by 2014 and with even fast re growth in Europe over the same period where 42% are expected to take up 3DTV.
Continuing its rather optimistic tone, and in contrast to a number of similar reports from other analysts, Strategy Analytics believes that 3D will shrug off the current challenges that it faces. It expects that in addition to TVs, 3D will even become commonplace across a wide range of consumer electronics devices such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, media players, phones and fixed and portable games consoles. Global sales of 3D-enabled devices are forecast to grow 89 percent in 2011, to reach 95 million units. This forecast includes, 3D TV
Peter King, Director at Strategy Analytics said, "Western Europe, Japan and the US will be the world's three largest markets, accounting for 93 percent of 3D device sales in 2011. By 2014 we are projecting a global installed base of nearly 900 million 3D-capable devices."
Commented UK, David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics: “Once 3D-ready TVs are out there, the question for 3D content publishers will be: How often will 3DTV owners get the goggles out? Without compelling 3D content there is a real danger that 3D becomes a dormant feature – much hyped but rarely used.”