Channel 4 HD enter into FTA platform Freesat
In Europe you can tune in unscrambled another quality program in high definition televisions ( HDTV ). British television Channel 4 has been testing its HD broadcasts in DVB-S2 capacity satellite Eurobird 1 (28.5 E), which is possible in Central Europe with parabolas receive small size (about 80 cm and more).

Channel 4 HD delivers the same content as Channel 4 SD in the classic distinction between different technical quality. This program is distributed in 1920x1080 resolution with video bit rate 8.8 Mbps, audio bit rate 192 kbit / s. Technical quality is excellent.

Broadcaster Channel 4 HD launched on the 10th December 2007 and has been available since the early subscribers a British satellite pay-TV Sky UK. Gradually entered the station and offer other operators (Virgin Media cable TV and DVB-T Freeview network).

Satellite Signal Channel 4 HD has always been the *** ********** encryption and delivery of the Astra 2 (28.2 E). In February 2011 began testing a new transponder broadcast on Eurobird 1 (28.5 E). In this month there was a migration of programs from the Astra Eurobird, which is the technical preparations for the inclusion of a Program to the Freesat. By April 2011, therefore, may cause intermittent signal encoding.

Channel 4 HD is currently provided with the EPG from Sky UK. Freesat EPG data platforms are not yet provided, suggesting that the program is not in Freesatu. Free program lets you receive broadcast outside the platform.

Broadcaster Channel 4 has launched the second November 1982 and was established to disrupt the duopoly television networks the BBC and ITV. Channel 4 broadcasts its comprehensive program across the UK with the exception of some parts of Wales, which is broadcast in the Welsh language station S4C. Own station Channel Four Television Corporation.

In addition to the C4 operator owns and operates television Film4, E4, More4, 4Music.

Technical parameters:

Satellite: Eurobid 1 (28.5 E)
Frequency: 12.607 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
SR: 27500
FEC: 3 / 4
Standard: DVB-S2
Modulation: QPSK
Service ID: 55300
Video PID: 2305
Audio PID: 2306, 2307
CA system: None FTA
Platform: Sky UK between April and Freesat

Channel 4 HD may not be the last free broadcast HD programming via satellite Eurobird 1 (28.5 E). The capacity of the multiplex allows other programs to broadcast in HD. In addition, it is now tested another multiplex in standard DVB-S2 QPSK modulation (freq 12.726 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4), which is currently broadcast color bars with text BT TOWER 1080i50.

March 23, 2011