Programs from Astra receives 135 million TV households
Luxembourg satellite operator SES Astra announced today that it has expanded its technical availability across Europe and now through its fleet provides services to 135 million TV households in Europe and North Africa. It is more than half of all television households in the region. It results from a survey Astra Satellite Monitor (Astra satellite monitoring), which indicates that the Astra is still rising on all platforms and modes of distribution - from direct satellite reception (DTH - direct-to-home) for television in high definition (HD - high -definition TV) and TV over DSL (IPTV).

The study states, Zr Astra is still the driving force of digitalization and the most important platform for high-definition television in Europe.

SES Astra now serves 16 of the 20 million HDTV households receiving HD channels directly from satellite. Its satellites provides more than 200 HD channels from leading broadcasters. In a growing segment of IPTV - television delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) - SES Astra also achieved a leading position as a technical provider. Recent research indicates that the Astra delivers programs for 10 of the 12 million households with IPTV.

Satellite is the largest digital infrastructure with the digitization of reaching 95 percent and is for 75 million digital households. Compared with 29 million digital cable homes, where the rate of digitization only at 42 percent. Almost every other home digital TV delivers satellite programs. Analogue and digital reception of satellite programs, increased its lead over cable TV. 79,000,000 receives programs via satellite, 71 million customers from cable networks.

HD +, the German high-definition platform, SES ASTRA continues to show significant growth. HD + provides 8 kryptovaných private TV channels in high definition. Currently, the market delivered more than 1.5 million access cards. The market is over 50 different set-top boxes suitable for HD +. It sold 400,000 certified receivers and other HD + 100 000 access module for the HD + HD set-top boxes.

" The steady growth of our technical reach, especially with regard to future platforms and distribution systems such as HD IPTV and shows that the satellite remaining the most attractive digital infrastructure , "said Ferdinand Kayser, President and CEO of SES Astra. " The success of HD may be technical reasons provided by our satellites covering a large area with a cost-efficient and high signal quality and service. The growth of HD shows that television remains the most important entertainment medium. The combination of interactive telecommunication services in a hybrid solution in cooperation with the telecommunications partners will be the next logical step in our strategic development and driving force in our future business . "

March 23, 2011