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50 years after the birth of Sputnik, health, communications and entertainment of Western civilization is dependent on satellites. Do without them it would be possible the normal functioning of modern society? We'll find out that in a British documentary "The History of satellites" in the channel Viasat History. The premiere of the document on April 12 this year. the chair. 20.00 in Viasat History .

4 October 1957, the world first heard the sound, which henceforth will be the basis of all sounds sci-fi for the next 20 years. That's what struck the heart of Sputnik - the first machine, made by man, sent into space. The program tells about the development of satellite technology from the early primitive-looking objects on the cutting-edge, technologically sophisticated devices that surround our planet today. We will learn also the important role of satellites in our daily lives, and that goes back much further than just allowing us to contact the telephone and watching television.

Original title: The Satellite Story
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2007

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