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Thread: SettingsMaker Version 1.8 by TechSat Team

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    SettingsMaker Version 1.8 by TechSat Team

    SettingsMaker Version 1.8 by TechSat Team
    This program automatically generates the Channel list (Settings)
    for some satellite STB models.

    With this tool - for personal use only - you can generate your own channel list
    (Settings) for your satellite decoder shaping it to your needs and your system.

    At the time, the settings formats managed by the tool are: NDF, NDF HD, NDF HD+DTT, Enigma1,
    Enigma2, AZBox, SB-5, Pvr-S2HD, Pvr-ST1, Pvr-JS1, JST-5, MV200HD, MV300HD, Neutrino Plus HD,
    HNF, Nokia9701s, Edision Argus, Golden Media combo, Golden Media 9055HD, Opticum, Amiko.
    New formats will be implemented in future versions of software.

    All data necessary to create the channel lists are taken from our database
    which is constantly updated by members of TechSat Team.

    As you can well imagine, this is a very complex software that has required substantial
    efforts and many hours of "lost sleep" So, a deserved THANK YOU is due to all those who
    can exhibit the "TechSat STAFF Settings " logo in his signature.

    As usual, our software is absolutely free, this is because our sponsors
    - we thank them - support the cost of hiring servers and... that's enough for us!

    The database containing settings is a shared resource that must be constantly kept up to date,
    even with thanks to the YOUR reportings.
    Who then would become part of our "settings team" - to keep database up to date - can
    ask it in our Board.
    -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    This tool generates a list of channels version 09 for AZBox usable from
    firmware version 0.9.4923.
    To install the channel list on AZBox use a FTP client (Filezilla or similar) as
    loading the list with MaZ SetEdit can modify its contents.
    If you use MaZ, please use it in FTP mode.
    On AZBox decoder the files: DVBS.dat, [DVBT.dat], antenna_list.dat, all_channel.dat
    must be copied in /DISK2.
    -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    Pvr-ST1 and Pvr-JS1 lists do not allow the writing of the group name so some favorites
    groups will contain favorite channels specified but with generic title.

    * Changelog *

    What's new in version 1.8
    Renamed the list type ALI in ALI DTT.
    Added support for Golden Media 9055HD (ALI).
    New favorite groups.
    Renamed favorite groups with international name.
    New Italian Terrestrial zones: Napoli, Torino, Forte Dei Marmi, Reggio Emilia.

    TechSat Team
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