TuVes HD steps in Peru and Paraguay

According to what the General Manager, Konrad Burchardt, confirmed NexTV Latam, the whole sale DTH TuVes HD, which currently operates in Chile and Bolivia, will expand its presence towards Peru and Paraguay. To such ends, the operator will work with social local partners that have not been disclosed yet.

The launching in Peru is about to happen, later the company will make its arrival effective in Paraguay where Network Broadcast will provide STBs. In turn, local partners in both countries will provide their client and local reality knowledge, as in the case of Bolivia and Chile. TuVes HD's objective is to keep on expanding towards other territories of the region provided all relevant authorizations are granted.

According to information released by the Chilean Sub Secretary of Telecommunications, in such country, where the DTH stepped in originally, TuVes HD recorded about 34,000 subscribers as of 3Q2010 closing. In this market, the company competes with other satellite operators such as Telefónica, DirecTV and Telmex. The MSO VTR is the main Chilean operator.