DVB-T2 in Ukraine?
2011-03-25 2:09:44 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-25 2:23:13 p.m.
Source: mediasat.net.ua
In recent years the introduction of digital terrestrial television has become an important issue for Ukraine. December 8 last year, Ukrainian media regulator admitted the company Zeonbud 10-year license to the four national multiplexes. March 16. changes were made ​​in the license. Since then the company itself can decide on the format NTC broadcasting multiplexes. As a result, on 22 March this year. company decided to enter the Ukraine standard DVB-T2 .

Andrei Szumilow , company director Zeonbud , was asked by the editorial board of the Ukrainian magazine Mediasat operator plans, construction time for the network, receiving technical and other aspects and nuances of digital television. Article on this subject in the April issue of the magazine.