Orange portal from 9 TV channels
2011-03-25 1:24:18 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-03-25 1:27:09 p.m.
Source: TP
The portal orange. started service "web TV" with nine television channels . We find here the latest news, sport and entertainment - always at your fingertips, on your computer screen. All customers of TP and Orange may, after logging on watch channels: Orange sports info,, Rebel: tv, TV Silesia, Fashion TV, BBC World, Euronews , and 2 channels of France 24 , in French and English. Orange sports channel info is also available without logging in, to all Internet users .

To log into the site is necessary user name and password - the same ones that customers use to gain access to your account in TP or Orange (eg via the Internet to check the amount of the account). Customers who do not already have an account on the portal, they can be easily set up