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Thread: Open Card Reader Module for Cryptoworks 1.1

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    Open Card Reader Module for Cryptoworks 1.1


    Open Card Reader Module for Cryptoworks 1.1

    The module will support Cryptoworks cards. It isn't complete because the RSA part for box key handling is missing.
    The local Cryptoworks card init is based on open source oscam.]

    How is it working:

    Each card module have its unique INI file.
    Example: sc_cw.mdl -> sc_cw.ini
    In this INI file there have to be a section named like the file name:
    Example: sc_cw.ini -> [sc_cw]
    If this match you can set COM port, baudrate,....

    Example for 2 local Cryptoworks cards
    First local card is connected to COM1
    Second local card is connected to COM3

    Just make a copy of the module and rename like you want:
    First: sc_cw_1.mdl -> sc_cw_1.ini -> [sc_cw_1] -> Port=COM1
    Second: sc_cw_2.mdl -> sc_cw_2.ini -> [sc_cw_2] -> Port=COM3

    It is also possible to use this module with original vPlug by vahid (tested with 2.6.4).
    BUT vPlug only checks the first module if the CAID match. So you have to remove/rename the "cryptoworks.mdl"

    vPlug_Server will check now all modules if CAID match. So if the channel can not be decrypted by EMU it will check if any other module for this CAID exists.
    You can set priority which module will checked first by the filename of the module.

    The source is written with Delphi 2010. Just feel free to modify or write your own local card module for other systems like Irdeto, Viaccess, ...
    Just DO CHANGE the Author!!
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    Re: Open Card Reader Module for Cryptoworks 1.1

    Open Card Reader Module v1.3

    small bug fix for nagra module
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