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Thread: gold with dm

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    gold with dm

    why my dm cant open seca on gold card but my client have no throuble with my local gold card. i have black screen but ecm shows that evrithing is ok

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    Re: gold with dm

    I think you should change some value...on your Dm!

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    Re: gold with dm

    The same here. Using Infinity USB Phoenix I have loaded the last RAI files from .
    Goldcard is in smargo (in cccam: SMARTCARD CLOCK FREQUENCY: /dev/ttyUSB1 4800000 smartreader+) , seen by both server and client, ecms pulled regulary , used shares shown OK, but no picture/sound at all. DM 500s is the only client, "S" being green. Server is a pc.
    Very strange.

    Update: Left a channel for a long time and it opened after half an hour, thus very looooong zapping.!?

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