At the First International Business Conference for the production of microelectronics and nanoelectronics Si-Forum 2011 in the Technopolis Gusev (Kaliningrad region), the General Satellite Corporation, and the RC Module announced the development and manufacture of Russia's first chip for digital TV.

In Gusev, Kaliningrad region, the First International Business Conference for the production of micro and nanoelectronics Si-Forum 2011 took place, held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Kaliningrad region Government. The Si-Forum 2011 hosts are the Association of Manufacturers and Traders in Electronic Equipment in Kaliningrad Region the General Satellite Corporation and the leading developer of chipsets in Russia the Research Center Module.

International semiconductor companies attended the Si-Forum 2011. Among them Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, Renesas, Crocus Technology. The Rosnano Company took part in the Si-Forum 2011 as well.

The main topics of the Forum have been the prospects for Russia's participation in the international labor division in the field of micro and nanoelectronics. The Forum’s congress consisted of presentations and discussions that focused in the most pressing issues affecting the electronics’ development and manufacture in Russia, and other relevant topics.

The following issues were discussed among the topics for reports and discussion:

  • Prospects for the electronic components base development and manufacture in Russia.
  • Foreign companies’ interest in the transfer of contract microelectronics manufacturing from Southeast Asia to Russia.
  • Special economic zones’ emergence and development in Russia and the microelectronic production development. Kaliningrad region prospects to turn into an international platform for the microelectronics production.
  • Reducing the cost of electronic-component base production by means of contract manufacturing in special economic zones in Russia.
  • Formation of new effective poles for innovation development in the micro and nanoelectronics field in Russia. Emergence of new clusters of electronics industry in Russia.
  • Russia's first chip for digital TV development and manufacturing. Creating a digital terrestrial set-top box on the basis of the chip.

In the framework of Si-Forum 2011, signing a set of agreements between Fujitsu, the RC Module and the General Satellite Corporation to set up digital television components manufacturing in Kaliningrad region has become the first step in implementing the strategy chosen by the Forum’ hosts to transport microelectronics contract manufacturing projects from Southeast Asia to Russia.

The RC Module and the General Satellite Corporation agreed to cooperate in the field of digital set-top box creation on SLSI K1879HB1YA (the first chip for digital TV developed in Russia according to the 90nm technology) and arrange the final manufacturing of SLSI analog at the GS plant NANOTECH in Gusev, Kaliningrad region. It was also agreed to create a hybrid chip that would have the decoder and descrambler chips’ functionality with full hardware support for CAS ROSKRYPT-PRO.
The RC Module and Fujitsu (the RC Module’s long-term partner) agreed that Fujitsu will host the production of the first chip for digital TV developed in Russia at Fujitsu’s manufacturing facilities. The two Sides agreed as well to continue cooperation in the development and manufacture of digital television components.

During the Si-Forum 2011, the operation of a SD / HD digital terrestrial receiver prototype based on the first national SLSI K1879HB1YA was shown – a standard and high definition digital television decoder. The designed set-top box meets the functionality specifications for Russia's digital broadcasting national network.

The Forum’ Hosts Summary

The Association of Manufacturers and Traders in Electronic Equipment in Kaliningrad region the General Satellite Corporation

The GS was founded in 2008 in order to facilitate a speedier digitalization of broadcasting in the Russian Federation by establishing a complex of modern highly automated production facilities that would meet the consumers’ demand for digital set-top boxes. In addition, an important task to be solved by the Association is testing an innovative model for small cities’ development in Russia as shown by the investment project The Area of ​​Scientific and Technological Development Technopolis Gusev.
The CJSC Research Center Module

The CJSC RC Module was founded in 1990 by leading State research institutes engaged in the development of advanced radio-electronics. Since 1995, the CJSC RC Module develops high-performance processor cores with the DSP / RISC architecture and analog-digital system-on-chip based on the leading global companies semiconductor technology.

In 2010, the RC Module has successfully completed complex design and manufacturing projects of systems-on-chip based on NeuroMatrix® and ARM® processor cores in the navigation and digital television fields, which pertain to the national development infrastructure and priority areas. These systems-on-chip are made according to the 90-nm technology.