More TV viewing in 2010 and entertainment watched

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 28-03-2011

For the first time, worldwide viewers watched more reality TV and entertainment shows than dramas and TV series, reports new Médiamétrie’s Eurodata TV survey.

Monitored into 80 countries, the “One Television Year in The World” annual study also raises the TV viewing time over the last five years from 3 hours and 4 minutes to 3 hours and 10 minutes.

TV consumption has had a clear boost from catch-up TV services, delayed TV viewing and online streaming. But differences still remain among the countries. Scrutinising the audiences of 3,000 channels and polling a panel of 138,000 households and 3 billion potential viewers, Eurodata’s report shows that Middle East viewers are very TV addicted. Last year, they spent 4 hours and 54 minutes watching TV daily, while Europeans stopped after 3 hours and 45 minutes, almost breaking even with US viewers (3 hours and 48 minutes).

But what is a general trend is that last year worldwide viewers watched more entertainment shows than series and TV movies.

According to Eurodata TV Worldwide VP Jacques Braun, “entertainment represented 40 % among the top ten shows last year (sporting events excepted), compared to 39 % for drama and 21 % for factual programming.”

Favourite programmes included the Eurovision song contest, US reality TV shows Got Talent along with talent and dating formats X-Factor, Masterchef and The farmer wants a wife. If viewers preferred series to TV movies, US productions such as House and The Mentalist garnered no more the best ratings everywhere.

“Local and regional dramas like Turkish series Yaprak Dokumu are getting over US series,” Eurodata TV adds.

The survey also confirms the broadcaster’s growing use of multi-screens strategy to promote and boost audiences.