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Thread: Nagravision Boxkey ?

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    Nagravision Boxkey ?

    Hi. In the mrb312 menu there is an item that says "change nagravision boxkey".can someone explain what this is/does please.Is this anything to do with codes for Polsat/Tvn as these channels are blank again?

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    Re: Nagravision Boxkey ?

    I think the Narga Boxkey should be something like: D2 F2 76 42 3D AF AD 8D
    I think it's for Narga1. So that being the case this shouldn't have anything to do,
    with anything. As I don't think there are any Narg1 Channels left, and
    not Polsat\Cryfa+! At least this is my impressions from useing
    DragonCrypt, Nagra2 (Ohlaladin), makes no mention of this Key. However Narga1
    (i.e. Negravision), does! note the Nargabox Key which is the same as above.
    Which also should be the same Nargabox key for your Matrix. Atleast this was so
    with my old Matrix Reloaded CAM. Wich I had given away after getting the T-Rex CAM.

    As for what it's good for? I thought I read somewhere that the Nargabox Key
    was used in
    pretty much the same way as the NDS Box Serial. Beeing that if a
    provider had wished to marry a Card to just the One STB, that they could use
    this method to do so. Thankfully most operators chose not to do this.

    Well that's about all I know about the Nargabox Key....

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