Published: 08.46 Europe/London, March 29, 2011

Apple is said to be working on TV, according to US blog Fudzilla: “Look for it to arrive with an official announcement around the holidays, according to the whispers we are hearing. Then again, it might amount to nothing and Apple may never bring the product to market.”

Fudzilla writes that a number of sources tell them that Apple is looking to move beyond Apple TV, and they are apparently working on what is being called a Smart TV prototype device that will combine a number of features to create a totally new and unique device.

The new Apple Smart TV device is likely to include some combination of TV content from a number of sources, including input from digital terrestrial television, have a Cable Card slot (the US version of Common Interface for cable) and a hard disk with PVR functionality. “It will likely include a number of apps for use on the TV, including FaceTime and web browser integration similar perhaps to what we have seen on the Google TV offering. Of course, the device will likely support gaming of some type, as well. It will offer a combination remote and keyboard in one.”

Fudzilla continues: “It is hard to know all that it will offer, as it is still being defined, and right now they are still in the development stage. We do know that it is likely ARM-based, using the latest Apple dual core design running the latest version of iOS. It is likely that it will offer some sort of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch docking support. It will offer several streaming options and some other programming.”

It is our take that such as version of Apple TV would make sense. Of course we heard some of this before, such as at the time when Microsoft was supposed to create the definite version of a media hub for the home. We are still waiting for Microsoft’s ultimate TV offering. Apple’s Smart TV project might be the product of whishfull thinking, but then, it could become reality. So far, no one has developed the killer app for connected TV – even Google TV has failed so far. Apple might be just the right party to crack the secret code.