Bouquet Africain reaches 100,000 subs
Published: 08.54 Europe/London, March 30, 2011 by Robert Briel

French channel dsitributor Thema said that its Bouquet Africain, which is available on all IPTV platforms in France, has now reached 100,000 subscribers. The company also said the bouquet will become available on Franch cabler NUmericable soon.

The Bouquet Africain proposes up to 16 tv channels and was launched in October 2008. Its price, the simplicity of its access and its rich content has been a response to the legitimate request made by a large part of the African population living in France and all lovers of Africa, according to Thema.

The bouquet is available in two versions, Le Bouquet Africain Basique, which cists 6.90 per month; depending on the operator it consists of 8 or 9 tv channels: the major French-Speaking African national broadcasters plus 2Stv, a private Senegalese tv channel.

Le Bouquet Africain Premium reatails at 9.90 monthly: it comrpises 15 tv channels: the 8 0r 9 channels from Le Bouquet Africain Basique plus 6 additional channels: Africable (Panafrican), Canal 2 (Cameroun), STV2 (Cameroun), Equinoxe (Cameroun), LCF (Togo), RTG (Guinea).