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Thread: SS2 drivers 4.4.0 and Diseq

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    SS2 drivers 4.4.0 and Diseq

    Diseq function doesn´t work with latest Skystar 2 drivers wich are version 4.4.0. I tried the SkyNet.sys from Diseq 1.9 and I get a black screen without sound. I also get an error message like: "Skystar init error. Card not initialized" every time I trie to move the motor of the dish, but the card is correctly initialized.
    Some suggestion?

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    Re: SS2 drivers 4.4.0 and Diseq

    I have the same problem. I also get always the message " "Skystar init error." What can I do?

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    Re: SS2 drivers 4.4.0 and Diseq

    I had the same error (card not initialized). Then I installed all the software from Technisat and used the 4.3.0 drivr for 1.9 diseq and ProgDvb can initialize the SkyStar2.

    But now i got the "SkyStar2 init error" when i try to move the dish whith the plugin 1.9

    I´m stuck.

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