Published: 10.39 Europe/London, March 31, 2011

Liberty Global’s Chello DMC is to launch new linear TV channel feeds for broadcasters Foxlife and Chellomedia on April 1 and 4 respectively.

Foxlife, part of Fox International Channels, is to separate the current Benelux feed, creating a unique feed for the Belgium market for the first time. The existing feed will remain to service the Netherlands.

Chellomedia’s premium movie service Film1 is launching a HD version of its Film1 Action channel as a simulcast alongside its existing SD feed in the Netherlands.

The launch of Foxlife Belgium and Film1 Action HD are the fourth and fifth new channel feeds launched by Chello DMC this year. Earlier in 2011, Chello DMC launched a German specific feed for children’s channel Jim Jam, a separate feed for Belgium for Chellomedia’s Sport1 Golf channel, and a unique HD version of the History Channel Feed for Germany.

Robin Kroes, VP commercial, operations and corporate development at Chello DMC said in a statement: “We have seen a very substantial number of channel launches in the first quarter driven by our clients’ ambition to continuously improve their channel offerings. Clients are aiming to get closer to their viewers by creating channels optimized for unique territories. At the same time, they are trying to further increase their channel’s attractiveness by technological enhancements such as HD. DMC is happy to support this expansion with cost effective solutions based on leading edge technology”

Chello DMC delivers 66 channel feeds to 19 territories, in 16 audio languages and 26 subtitled languages for broadcasters.