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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00American Guerrilla in the Philippines[SUB]
A US Navy officer finds himself stranded in enemy waters after his ship is torpedoed. Unwilling to admit defeat, he sets about proving his mettle by organising members of a local resistance group to take on the marauding Japanese troops. Second World War drama, starring Tyrone Power, Micheline Presle, Tom Ewell and Tommy Cook. Directed by Fritz LangFilm/War

13:05Jesse James[SUB HD]
The notorious James brothers embark on a life of crime after their mother's death and swear revenge on the greedy landowner they hold responsible. Jesse and Frank hope to bring his apparent good fortune to an end by wreaking havoc on the railroads, in which he has a sizeable stake. Western, starring Henry Fonda, Tyrone Power, Nancy Kelly and Randolph ScottFilm/Western

A famous actress based in London is introduced to the man of her dreams, a handsome and internationally renowned American banker-diplomat representing the British Foreign Office. However, as their relationship develops into a love affair, she discovers he has not been entirely honest with her - and she means to take revenge for his duplicity. Romantic comedy, with Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Phyllis Calvert and Cecil ParkerFilm/Comedy

17:054Films For[SUB REP]
Armstrong and Miller offer words of advice taken from classic movie momentsFilm/Cinema

17:10Carry On Spying[SUB BW]
A bungling secret agent assembles a team of three equally useless spies to recover a stolen secret formula from a sinister organisation masterminded by the evil Dr Crow. Comedy, starring Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbins, Jim Dale, Eric Barker and Victor MaddernFilm/Comedy

18:55Three Men and a Baby[SUB HD]
The lives of three flat-sharing bachelors are turned upside down when they discover a baby left on their doorstep. Unfortunately, while trying to get to grips with the necessary parenting skills, they find themselves menaced by criminals searching for missing drugs. Comedy, directed by Leonard Nimoy, starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg and Nancy TravisFilm/Comedy

20:554Films For[SUB]
Armstrong and Miller offer words of advice taken from classic movie momentsFilm/Cinema

21:00Wall Street[SUB AD HD]
An inexperienced financial trader is taken under the wing of a corrupt New York corporate raider, who draws him into the shady world of illegal insider dealing with promises of money and power. But the trainee stockbroker questions the morality of his actions when the consequences of a deal strike close to home. Oliver Stone's Oscar-winning drama, starring Michael Douglas, father and son Martin and Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah and Terence StampFilm/General Movie/Drama

23:25Good Luck Chuck[SUB HD]
Charlie is under a curse that means any woman he sleeps with will meet her perfect partner soon afterwards. He finds this situation has its perks, as women looking for true love seek him out for one-night stands. But Charlie is doomed to remain single for ever, and an encounter with the woman of his dreams leaves him determined to break the spell. Comedy, with Dane Cook, Jessica Alba and Dan FoglerFilm/Comedy

01:20Wilderness[SUB HD]
A young offenders institution's worst delinquents are sent deep into a forest for a lesson in team-building. However, the exercise quickly descends into a gruelling battle for survival as an unseen, crossbow-wielding attacker targets them in increasingly terrifying ways. Michael J Bassett's horror, starring Sean Pertwee, Alex Reid, Richie Campell and Lenora CrichlowFilm/Horror

03:10Submarine Special[SUB REP]
Richard Ayoade discusses making his debut as a film director with coming-of-age comedy drama SubmarineFilm/Cinema

03:20The Eagle Special[SUB REP]
Director Kevin Macdonald and actors Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum discuss making the ancient Roman action adventureFilm/Cinema